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Welcome to the Hidden Temple, a creative gathering place to practice connection.


We are located on the 3rd floor of the historic Brushworks Arts & Industry Building in Florence, MA.


Overlooking the Sawmill River, our light-filled sanctuary features over 2,000 sq. ft of dynamic open space with padded floor mats, lush rugs and a variety of modular seating options. With the addition of a small stage, kitchenette and private side room, the Hidden Temple serves as a cozy yet versatile home away from home.


Our center offers a variety of activities and programs for people of all ages. Whether you're looking to learn a new skill, connect with others, or simply relax and unwind, we have something for everyone.

Welcome friend — we hope to see you soon!

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A welcoming space


  • Spacious 2,000 sq. ft of open space

  • Padded floors for dynamic movement practice

  • An array of yoga mats, back jacks, cushions, blankets and chairs

  • Upright piano

  • Bose sound system

  • Stage for performance

  • Kitchenette

Pillars of Practice

We seek to foster personal and collective growth through classes and events that emphasize the following pillars of practice:

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Creative Expression

"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties." 

— Erich Fromm

We all have great creative potential, yet often have learned to dampen this natural impulse. As we learn to allow ourselves to express freely with a spontaneous, playful spirit, vitality naturally follows. 

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Embodied Presence

"Come back to the life of movement!"

— Irmgard Bartenieff

Our physical bodies are our first and primary home - the place of our sovereignty and agency. By honoring our bodies and breath, which live in the present moment, we can transmute stress and stuck energy into renewed vitality.  

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Rooted Reverence

"The web of life both cradles us and calls us to weave it further."

— Joanna Macy

We each live within a context that precedes us, that is greater than us. When we honor our common roots together - our ancestors, the Earth, the web of life - we can ground in wisdom and rest in gratitude. Drawing strength and inspiration from this ground of being, we rise renewed.


Host with Us

Classes — Workshops— Events
Performances — Parties

Are you seeking a home for your next event?


The Hidden Temple is available for hourly rental at affordable rates.

We are also seeking partners to develop our programming.


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